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2016 NextFrame Selections

We are proud to announce our NextFrame International Student Film Festival Selections for our 2016 festival season! Congratulations to all finalists, and thank you to all who submitted their beautiful work.

2016 NextFrame Film Festival Winners

Best Narrative Film

Safe Space
Germany, 2014, 13min.
Dir. Zora Rux
Tension breaks out amongst refugees fighting for their rights in Berlin after a sexual assault. The group is forced to rethink their goals as a private incident becomes a public discussion.

Best Documentary Film
Mexico, 2014, 10 min
Dir. Kalien Delgado
This observational documentary explores the life of Sikarios, Mexican teenagers that bond over reggaeton, drugs, and religion. They express their beliefs and dreams through dance and solidarity.

 Best Experimental Film

El Canto de la Lechuza 
Colombia, 2014, 11 min
Dir. Juliana Zuluaga Montoya & Santiago Henau Vélez
According to a Mexican myth, when the owl sings it announces death. Mrs. Alicia is an elderly woman who lives alone in a remote house away from the rest of society. Trying to cope with her loneliness, she walks for an hour every day to a public phone.

Best Animation Film
Chocolate Darwin
Germany, 2014, 15min
Dir. Patxi Exequiel Aguirre
A puppet science fantasy epic about God, Darwin, the Moon, dinosaurs, monkeys, Mankind and far too much chocolate.


2016 Next Frame Film Festival Official Selections

Netherlands, 2014, 18 min
Dir. Christian van Duuren


hide & seek
Japan, 2015, 22 min
Dir. Kimie Tanaka

Sector Zero Four
Spain, 2015, 5 min
Dir. Alfonso Garcia


Max & Mustermann
Germany, 2014, 20 min
Dir. Martin KieBling

Russia, 2014, 20 min

Dir. Lara Timireva 


Proyecto Saravita
Colombia, 2014, 23 min
Dir. Nikolas  Flórez Gutierrez

Fuerte y Ponderosa
Spain, 2015, 18 min

Didn’t See Didn’t Do
Russia, 2015, 22 min
Rostislav Smirnyagin

Spain, 2015, 8 min
Jaime Maestro

Ball here Ball there (Bola Cá Bola Lá)
Portugal, 2015, 27 min

150-frame2_Bola Cá, Bola Lá

Moving in Circles
Russia, 2015, 14 min
The Role of Each Fret
Iran, 2013, 9 min
Maryam Farahzadi

Lentils (Lentajes)
Spain, 2015, 5 min
Laura Campo De Luna

The Push (ТОЛЧОК)
Russia, 2015, 12 min
Alexey Naumov
Beating Scratches (Trazos Latentes)
Chile, 2015, 12 min

Transformation (Dönüşüm) 
Turkey, 2014, 4 min

Switch Man  
Taiwan, 2014, 4 min

Penha, a carioca party (Penha, uma festa carioca)  
Brazil, 2014, 28 min

USA, 2015, 15 min

Home Away From Home
USA, 2015, 15 min
223-frame1_Home away from Home
Requiem for a Robot
USA, 2015, 5 min

Winners and Runner-Ups


We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 NextFrame International Student Film Festival! Thank you to our guest judges, NextFrame founder, David Kluft, and Digital Media Artist, Lisa Marie Patzer. Congratulations to all of our talented filmmakers!

Best Narrative: Maquette 1:1000 by Doris Chiaching Lin
Documentary: The Round Barns of Vernon County by Shahin Izadi
Animation: In Her Footsteps by Michal Shpiegelglas and Inbal Ochyon
Experimental: The Language of Branches by Konstantin Vihrev-Smirnov

Runner Up Narrative: The Viewers by Docteur Pierre-Loup
Runner Up Documentary: Hip Hop, mi desahogo by Simon Rasing
Runner Up Animation: Gerdas Vej by Jérémy Pailler
Runner Up Experimental: Instalife by Benjamin Rost and Alex Schuster

Happy Hour Film Screening Series

We are pleased to announce an exciting one-night event to showcase the winners of the 2014-15 NextFrame International Student Film Festival.

Diamond Screen Media Presents the first annual Happy Hour Film Screening Series. The event, co-hosted by Temple University’s Diamond Screen Film Festival, will take place at Temple’s Performing Arts Center, 1837 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122 on February 10, 2015. The evening begins with hors-d’oeuvres and cocktails from 4:30 to 6:00, with screenings beginning at 6:15. Come and celebrate a night of unique and exciting films with us.

Film Series Flyer

2014 NextFrame Festival Selection

We are proud to announce our NextFrame International Student Film Festival Selections for our 2014 festival season! Congratulations to all finalists, and thank you to all who submitted their beautiful work.

You can watch the work online in our new movie room. A screening of the festival winners at a physical location will be announced in the coming weeks.


Timothy by Marc Martínez Jordán
Typist by Sergey Vlasov
Dentro del túnel (Into The Tunnel) by Sergio Román
Maquette 1:1000 by Doris Chiaching Lin
The Viewers by Docteur Pierre-Loup


Hip-Hop, mi desahogo (my release) by Simon Rasing
Skile by Sara Markovic
The Columbarium by Tyler Trumbo
The Round Barns of Vernon County by Shahin Izadi
Misophonia by Marianne Skovdahl
Streets To Call Our Own by Kara Lieff


Image by Yousef Jafary
(In Her Footsteps) בצעדיה by Michal Shpiegelglas and Inbal Ochyon
Umbra by Pedro Atienzar
Gerdas Veg (Gerda’s Way) by Jérémy Pailler


Instalife by Benjamin Rost and Alex Schuster
080 Язык ветвей (The language of branches) by Konstantin Vihrev-Smirnov

Thank You To Sponsors

We would love to thank our generous sponsors who have donated prizes and time to our 2014 festival season: Final Draft, Michael Wiese Productions, Mole-Richardson, Jungle Software, and Movie Magic Screenwriter Software.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.35.49 PM

Without our sponsors, the 2014 NextFrame Film Festival would not be possible. Thank you for your support!

A chosen selection of films will be posted in our showroom within the next two months.  Check back to see the selected films.


Temple University’s NextFrame International Student Film Festival proudly announces the 2014 call for submissions for our brand new online festival format!

For the past 20 years, NextFrame has been internationally recognized as one of the world’s premiere touring festivals for showcasing student work. NextFrame celebrates the 20th anniversary, and to adapt to changing modes of distribution, the project grew from a touring festival to an exciting and innovative online film competition. NextFrame curates student work into a professional streaming platform.

A jury of filmmakers, scholars, film/video academics and industry professionals select NextFrame’s Award Winners, who receive product grants and cash prizes from our corporate sponsors. Our sponsors have included Adobe, Final Draft, and American Society of Cinematographers, to name a few.

Celebrate the start of the reinvented NextFrame Film Festival and submit today!