Welcome to NextFrame 2016



For the past 20 years, NextFrame International Student Film Festival has been recognized as one of the world’s premiere touring festivals to showcase student work. NextFrame Film Festival toured university campuses, museums, media art centers, and independent theaters throughout the United States and around the globe to share the unique work of student filmmakers with international audiences.



NextFrame International Student Film Festival begins its exciting new future with a brand new fully online-curated film festival platform. With four categories including Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, and Animation, NextFrame celebrates student work from all backgrounds. While
 approximately fifty percent of our entries are domestic, we receive
work from students across all continents …



NextFrame Film Festival strives to celebrate our successful past while evolving with the technology of the future. NextFrame has always envisioned a first class, cutting edge festival for student work, and our new online-curated festival format achieves this goal. With evolving technology, we now provide a way for all student filmmakers to easily share their work in a competitive and nurturing environment.